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What  we offer:
We offer vinyl fence and deck profiles for residential, commercial and agricultural.
Everything is custom built to suit the individual needs of our customers.
Guaranteed pricing once the written estimate is given.
We offer a discount for contractors, seniors,  and  block parties (min of two yards).
Competitive pricing.
CNC services, full custom jobs ALWAYS.
Design  (cad design is available upon request).
We are licensed, insured, and certified.
Free estimates.
Quality and service are #1.
References available including previous job addresses.

What our product has to offer:
We are backed by the worlds largest vinyl extruder in the world.

A few things to remember when selecting vinyl products:
Cheaper is not always better, compare apples to apples (pocket rail size, post, pickets, warranty, style of caps, etc). 
Always get as much education on vinyl as you can.

What is PVC?
PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a chemical compound that can be extruded into a number of shapes. It is highly durable and requires little to no maintenance.

What are the advantages of a PVC fence?
PVC fencing requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl FX uses no wood posts and an innovative, adjustable connector design to combat heaving due to frost. Vinyl FX supplies fences in many different colours, requiring no painting, and is easily cleaned with a garden hose. A PVC fence from Vinyl FX will far outlast a conventional wood fence. All of our fences are installed quickly, and without the use of post augers or heavy machinery.

What effects do PVC have on the environment?
PVC products are safe and non-toxic. They will not breakdown and release harmful chemicals into the ground and do not require toxic chemicals (stains, waterproofing, paint, paint thinner) for regular upkeep like treated lumber can. No trees are used in the manufacture of PVC. Because of the exceptional long life of PVC, several times the amount of wood that is needed to manufacture the same fence in wood can be saved over the lifetime of the fence. If the vinyl ever needs to be taken down it can be recycled into other products, such as hoses and watering cans.

Will PVC fencing turn yellow?
Vinyl FX uses premium products, which are warranted for a lifetime against yellowing, and have been field-proven to maintain their colour.

Will PVC crack or break?
Under normal use, PVC fencing will not break when installed properly. It has five times the tensile strength of wood, and four times the flexibility. If subjected to direct impact (e.g., a car backing into the fence), it may break, but is easily replaced. PVC has been tested at temperatures as high as 167F before warping, and as low as -50F without cracking.

How does PVC fencing stand up to wind?
PVC fences are designed to withstand a normal wind load. If installed according to manufacture specifications, your fence will withstand a higher than normal wind load.

Will my lawn mower damage my fence?
As with any fence, direct contact with lawn and garden equipment can cause damage. Use caution when operating lawn mowers, edgers, etc. around fences.

How do you secure the posts?
Vinyl FX does use concrete in the installation of our posts or a steel post is driven into the ground and a PVC post is placed over top. It also eliminates the rotting that occurs in wood posts.

Can gates be made from PVC?
Vinyl FX will design and prefabricate a gate made of PVC to match your fence style.

Can I have a custom style fence?
Vinyl FX is equipped with a CAD that can custom design virtually any style of fence that you can dream up.

How high can my fence be?
Fence heights are regulated municipally. Please check your local bylaws for height allowances. Vinyl FX can fabricate a fence to conform to any standard.

Is PVC fencing graffiti-proof?
Although not classified as graffiti-proof, PVC fencing is easy to clean with the use of a hose and light detergent. For stubborn stains, or spray paint, an abrasive pad and paint thinner can be used.

How is PVC made into fences and railings?
Vinyl FX cuts PVC profiles to length for each design and then routes the appropriate holes into posts and rails for your style of fence. These pieces are then packaged along with required hardware and gates, ready to be delivered and installed.

Can you paint PVC?
While it is not recommended, there are special paints available specifically for PVC. If a painted fence is scratched, the PVC colour will show through. Vinyl FX offers its fences in two colours: white and almond.

Do I have a choice of post caps?
Vinyl FX offers four styles of post caps: Gothic, New England, Flat, and Ball. A solar-powered light cap is also available by special order.

Can I use PVC around a pool?
Vinyl FX offers a number of styles that conform to swimming pool regulations. We also offer removable fence panels, convenient for entertaining or accessing your backyard.

Can I install the fence myself?
Options for installing your fence include having Vinyl FX fully trained staff install your fence, or installing it yourself. Easy to follow written instructions can be provided by request.

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